Whole Life Fitness Program

Personalized Support for Long-lasting Change

If you are searching for just another workout and diet plan,  then this is not the option for you. The Whole Life Fitness  program is designed to change your mindset and create a deeper relationship with your body, mind and spirit.  This deep relationship will help facilitate everlasting change. 

What is the Whole Life Fitness Program?

The Whole Life Fitness Program is  personalized and  unique that incorporates fitness, nutrition, and accountability.  It is designed to help you reach your fitness goals, stay motivated, and make changes that last beyond your trip to the gym. 

If you’ve tried nutrition and fitness in the past, you may have been disappointed by your inability to follow through on your promises to yourself, making excuses, giving up, and self-sabotaging your progress.

It happens to everyone! That’s why I’ll equip you with tools and training to develop new, empowering thoughts and beliefs that will help prevent self-sabotage and help keep you motivated.

We will implement mindfulness around how and what we are eating in order to develop new and everlasting exercise habits.  

About your coach:

My name is Beth and my passion for helping others has expanded over 40 years. 40 years of working with someone just like you!  It’s easy to get lost in the world of exercise, weight loss and nutrition.  Let me help you navigate through all the confusion and get you pointed in the right direction.  A direction towards better health and happiness!  

Here’s what’s included:

  • 2 Personalized/In-Person Private Workout Sessions/Week  
  • 24 Private Workout Sessions  
  • 12 weeks of 1:1 Support and Accountability
  • Weekly Done-For-You Meal Plan
  • Mindful Eating Nutritional Counseling 
  • Food and Exercise Tracker and Handbook 
  • Private Access to the Whole Life Fitness Community 
Whole Life Fitness Program is right for you if:

You’ve tried and tried again to lose weight and get fit
You want personalized support and accountability to meet your goals
You are tired of being disappointed by “quick-fix” diets and want change that lasts
 Price ~ $1650.00

Ready to apply or need more information?

Jump on a 15-minute discovery call to see how the Whole Life Fitness Program can help you look and feel better for life!

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