We offer yoga for all abilities

Private Yoga & Personal Fitness Training

$75 / 1 hour Visit

Package of 5 ~ $350 Plus Tax

Package of 10 ~ $650  Plus Tax

Special Offering ~ Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga gives you  tools to help you on your journey towards better health and wellness.

Therapeutic Yoga is an effective style of Yoga, especially those who might be recovering from, or thriving with, an injury or illness.

Therapeutic Yoga is a unique blend of restorative yoga positions (supported positions), gentle yoga, guided meditation, breath work, and hands-on healing. These healing techniques blended together, in such a way, that it is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a gentle approach to recovery.

Therapeutic Yoga is an effective way to bring the body back into balance, and help to eliminate the stress that comes along with being sick or injured.

Therapeutic Yoga is a deeply meditative and healing experience.

Therapeutic Yoga can be modified for those individuals that may find it difficult to lay on the floor. In this case, the use of a chair, would be a wonderful alternative. Before participating in any Therapeutic Yoga Program it is required that you receive written permission from your doctor.

Sessions are by appointment only.

Day and evening times are available.


Beginners are Always Welcome!

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